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Candles, Fragrances, Incense & Wild Berry Products

Wholesale Fragrance, Oils & Incense Essentials

Incense has been burned in sacred rituals for thousands of years but is enjoying a modern renaissance. We want you to forget everything you think you know about incense and introduce yourself (and your senses) to THE new breed of incense, Wild Berry. Wild Berry incenses are sophisticated with a real hit of a unique bouquet which is sure to entice any consumer. Using only the highest quality fragrances and a secret manufacturing process ensures the fragrance stays fresh and smells the same on the stick as it does when it burns. Each Wild Berry Incense is aromatic and sensual in its own way. Wild Berry incense has been lovingly hand-dipped since 1971, and proudly made in the USA. Each incense stick is made from proprietary formulas of only the finest ingredients. Wild Berry guarantees their incense to be fresh and rewarding to the senses! After John Mayer recorded a song on Instagram Stories about bath fizzers, suddenly, bath fizzers are fizzing in tubs all over Beauty Instagram. The time is now to invest in our fizzing beauties from Jumbo delights to magical Unicorns, we have you covered. Looking for candles? We know candle consumers are getting choosier about their candles. That is why we have a massive range of candles from Premium Soy which are smoke-less to our Luxury range with their gorgeous labels, exotic scents, and elegant votives. Our Fragrance and Incense essentials will brighten up your home, car or office space, ensuring long-lasting customer satisfaction. Also in the range: Delicious designer Soaps, Bath Bombs, Soy Candles, Scented draw liners, Fragrant Room Misters, Massage Oils, soap flowers, Ash-catchers, incense holders, Aromatherapy Bracelets, Closet Sachets, Soy Wax Candles, diffusers, Body Butter, citronella, essential oils, cocktail candles, car diffusers, Oil Burners and Pot Pourri.. Whew! We have you covered!

  • Sacred Chakra Incense Cone Gift Pack (Gift Box)
  • 160 Gram Chakra Spiritual Candles 7 Asstd
  • 650 Gram Large Citronella Candle on Stand
  • 300 Gram Peace and Love Tall Hippy Candle 2 Asstd
  • *50% DISCOUNT* 300 Gram Tree Of Life Candle "As Above"
  • 220 Gram Psychedelic Candle 2 Asstd

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