Amica Trading Artists

  • Anne Stokes

    Anne Stokes

    Internationally acclaimed fantasy artist Anne Stokes lives and works in Yorkshire, England. Her art features a wide subject range including fierce dragons, dark fairies, seductive vampires, melancholy angels and many more. Read more >

  • Lisa Parker

    Lisa Parker

    Although traditionally a wildlife artist Lisa has for many years ventured into the realms of witchcraft and fantasy; her wildlife skills naturally lending themselves to creatures and fairies. Her love of witchcraft and wildlife come together to create beautiful and unique designs. Read more >

  • Tom Wood

    Tom Wood

    Tom Wood, a best-selling fantasy poster artist, lives with his wife and daughter in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. From his cattle ranch in Mammoth Spring, Tom Wood owns and operates Meridian Design Works and Tom Wood Fantasy Art. Read more >

  • Amy Brown

    Amy Brown

    Amy Brown started painting Faeries in 1992. She had always been interested in Faeries but had never considered them as a career option. At age twenty her boss at a small art gallery asked her to paint something to fill an empty frame that had been sitting around. Read more >

  • Linda Ravenscroft

    Linda Ravenscroft

    Linda Ravenscroft describes herself as a very typical Pisces, always preferring to live in a dream world. “A world which I have painted ever since I can remember, and one which as a child I could retreat to whenever things became tough. I still pay regular visits to my dream world, though with a lot more of the real world thrown in. It’s where I go to paint. Read more >

  • Julie Fain

    Julie Fain

    Julie Fain uses a variety of techniques for her vibrant silhouette art work. Her unique style features beautiful fairy and fantasy silhouettes set against vibrant night sky and brightly lit sunset backgrounds, offering a new and exciting take on the fantasy art realm. Read more >

  • Myka Jelina

    Myka Jelina

    Myka Jelina is a traditional Gothic Fantasy artist appreciated by art lovers worldwide. Her paintings are easily recognized by her beautiful subjects posed in highly detailed scenes of Gothic and classic adornment. Her art draws from actual life elements to explore and capture the delicate relationships between darkness, beauty, and colour. Read more >

  • Christine Haworth

    Christine Haworth

    Christine Haworth is a British illustrator. Her internationally renowned work includes the series Paintbox Poppets, Faerie Poppets, Angel Whispers, Dream Tide and Meadow Cottage Bears, Crisalis Classics. Her paintings have been licensed into craft products, books, figurines and other giftware. Read more >

  • David Penfound

    David Penfound

    David Penfound is one of the brightest stars in the world of Fantasy Art. His ability to paint a wide range of subjects, his visually stunning use of vibrant colour together with his untamed imagination sets David's work apart from others. Read more >

  • Linda M Jones

    Linda M Jones

    Linda M Jones has always been interested in art and used to only work in acrylics and oils until 2005 when she was inspired by the works of Todd Lockwood, which got her looking into the world of digital art. Read more >

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