Linda Ravenscroft

Linda Ravenscroft

Linda Ravenscroft describes herself as a very typical Pisces, always preferring to live in a dream world. “A world which I have painted ever since I can remember, and one which as a child I could retreat to whenever things became tough. I still pay regular visits to my dream world, though with a lot more of the real world thrown in. It’s where I go to paint.

Linda lives in the beautiful county of Cheshire, England (famous for its Cheshire Cat, of course) with her family. Her home is situated near a small wood, which is a constant source of inspiration. Linda uses many mediums for her paintings, her favourite medium is watercolour. “I adore the way that the paint blends creating almost transparent washes, and yet the colours can also become quite vivid.”

Linda’s inspiration comes mostly from her dreams and inner feelings, and a love of nature instilled within her form an early age by her parents and their wonderful tales of myths and legends which they shared with her at bedtime.

Now as an adult with more experience of the world Linda is influenced by artists from the past, such as Alphonse Mucha and William Morris, and the era in which they lived and worked. “I also have a fascination for the supernatural and unexplained, all of these elements help to fire my imagination and enable me to create my images.”

The idea of the Faerie Folk or earth spirits dates back as far as time itself. “To me they represent the natural world we live in and whether you believe in the fae or not, I feel that they have a place in our modern day society, even more now than they ever did in the past.

“I truly believe that we all have a little bit of Faerie magic within our hearts, helping us to make the right decisions within our everyday lives, we just have to look for it.

For further information and Linda Ravenscroft’s art gallery please visit her website.

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