Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker

Born in Devon, UK in 1974 Lisa Parker has always had a very keen interest in art, studying Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth & Poole Institute of Art & Design. Since leaving college she has worked successfully for many years as a freelance artist and has staged many one-man and two-man shows, as well as exhibiting work in prestigious locations such as The Mall galleries in London and Madison Avenue, New York. Although traditionally a wildlife artist Lisa has for many years ventured into the realms of witchcraft and fantasy; her wildlife skills naturally lending themselves to creatures and fairies. Her love of witchcraft and wildlife come together to create beautiful and unique designs.

In her Own Words...

Ever since I was very small, perhaps as young as three, I'd always take myself off and draw. It has been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. Wildlife and animals have always been my main passion and I love to draw from life wherever possible, however as fashions change that kind of art has become less popular so I've had to steer myself more towards the design world. Most of my designs are done digitally, this enables the designs to be modified and changed towards the customers needs, and adapted to more than one product.

Over the years I have exhibited a lot, mostly with my oil paintings. As you can see by the portrait of this little girl my natural style is fairly carefree, I usually end up wearing more paint than is on the canvas. I've been very fortunate in my life to be surrounded by fantastic painters who have influenced me and been very generous with advice, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the late Mick Cawston, who made me take a sketch book wherever I went, and I mean everywhere! from sketching people in cafes and pubs to crawling in muddy bogs to draw Exmoor ponies and deer. We took painting from life to the extreme! being balanced on rocks, to actually having our easels in the river! He believed that drawing from life is the truest form of art and you cannot begin to do anything else until you'd mastered that.

Mick also started me exhibiting, and took me to the trade fairs to show me all the areas I could take my art. Malcome Coward, Barry Peckham and Colin Allbrook have also all been hugely influential in my career. Many other family and friends have also been a huge support, they know who they are and I'm very thankful to you all.

For further information and Lisa Parker’s art gallery visit her website.

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