Interview with Mother of Dragons, Anne Stokes

Ten Minutes with Lisa Parker

Display 101 - How to Create Store Designs for High Conversion

Appearance is as important to a retail shop as "presentation" is to food. We eat with our eyes first and the same goes to a customer looking at your displays. If something doesn’t look appealing regardless of how good it actually is you just might lose a potential buyer.

The first thing you need to determine is what stock you would like to feature.  This is probably the most crucial step as it provides the opportunity to showcase i.e. the newest items that have not been seen before; proven popular lines that are continuing sellers or older product that you would like to clear.

All displays will have a better area where customers first walk in which catch their attention.  This area is generally where to start with the products you want to feature.  A really large piece e.g., elephant can then be surrounded with other African animals, artwork, jewellery and bracelets, African Ladies.  You could feature a farmyard theme with Australiana animals or a beach theme with boats, nautical look and sailor inspired product.  

This area can be changed depending on the time of year. We try to feature bracelets, jewellery, Parisian, Ladies product before Mother’s Day. Spring could have a farmyard feature with water fountains, flower prints, lots of pots and wind chime’s for the sunny days ahead.

So if you have a decided to feature a Buddha theme starts with them.  Larger pieces on the bottom shelf with some pieces around it that are the same style.  Then maybe put some gold coloured Buddha’s on the shelf above to catch the eye with some other gold products (maybe feng shui coins, money trees) in the same theme.  Next to them put some chakra products, gemstones. 

Then next shelves could go on from gemstones to ladies lines (figurines, pin boxes, watches, bracelets).  You could then go on to next sections of Fairy’s, Mystical, Dragons, Skulls, Mens products. This way when selling your products they relate to each other. 

If you have wind chimes or dreamcatchers you could put them in a drafty area which will make them chime or move in the breeze. This creates interest in them.

Remember that the better selling shelves are at eye level and to the knee.  Anything out of that range need to be items that you know your customers will look for (continuing sellers or reduced stock).  Product on the highest or lowest shelves will sell better if they flow on from product closer to those shelves.

When displaying on shelves always check to make sure that you can see all of the product you are selling. The best way to do this is by small display shelves which you can step up in front of each other. Small display shelves, boxes turned upside down, bales of hay could all be used. 

Remember to never put a larger product in front of a smaller one. Theme the products together and as you place on the shelves look at how they flow together. Step back as you are displaying and make sure you can easily see all the product on the shelf.   If you have some cushions, pin boxes, prints, figurines in the same theme, group them together as most customers like to have a few things of the same style.  Put oil burners or incense holders near the perfumed oil or incense that you are selling.  This also gives the opportunity to see how they will look all together. 

Try to display stock how it will be used in the home.  Tables to be put on the floor with chairs near them.  Pictures or wall art on the walls or if you have room display them on plate stands. 

Finish off by standing back and looking at the finished display making sure all of the product can be seen with the prices for the product easy to find.

New Products Have Arrived!

The new stock has started to arrive.

In today are the fabulous new bags and the gorgeous jewellery boxes.

Click on the images below to visit the order page for these items.


New Products Online Now!

The new product range has been added to the site.

Click here to see them all now!

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New Products List


Dragon Table

This one is back by popular demand and at a fabulous new price.



The new range of figurines is simply stunning.


These clocks are HOT!
Orders are flooding in for this well-priced new item.

Jewellery Boxes

The stunning new large jewellery boxes have nine sections inside,

one with padded ring rests.


The new bag range includes large and small tote bags, plus stylish messenger bags.

The bags are made from canvas and vinyl.

These are sure to be hot sellers!


We have several new designs in these luxury satin look cushions.

A beautiful indulgence!

New Designs in Coffee Mugs

The coffee mugs have proven to be fabulous sellers.

We have five new designs in the fine bone chine range.

Tile Boxes

We have five new designs in the large square boxes.

These are lined with a velvet look fabric and are 17.5cm x 17.5cm.

Art Tiles

There are seven new designs in the ever-popular art tile range.

Candle Holders

The Gothic Dragon candle holders are sure to impress and our new tealight holders

in two of Anne Stokes most popular designs will delight all fans.

Design Focus - Water Dragon by Anne Stokes


Water Dragon depicts an Elven woman standing in a pool of water holding a small water dragon.

The design was originally a commission: "the client just requested a female character in water with a fantasy theme, and you know me, any excuse to paint a dragon." Anne Stokes

Water Dragon has gone on to become one of Anne Stokes most popular designs.

The Water Dragon design is available from Amica Trading Co. as an art scroll, cushion, coffee mug, small trinket box, framed tile and art tile.

Amica Mini Showing

The Malmar / Amica Mini Showing will be held from 12-22 June.

We invite you to attend our showroom at 4 Distribution Avenue, Ashmore on the Gold Coast to view our new products.

It's a great opportunity to meet with the staff too and get a sneak peak at the new product lines prior to the Brisbane Trade Fair.

Drop in during business hours or call 07 5527 8866 to make an appointment.

Drinks and nibbles are provided.  :-)


Download a PDF flyer here:

Mini_Showing_Flyer.pdf (358.60 kb)

Malmar Enterprises New Owners Of Amica Trading Co.

Malmar Enterprises is proud to announce that we are the new owners of Amica Trading Co.

Malmar has long admired the Amica fantasy art collection and we are very excited about this new venture. The Amica range is now proudly on display in our showroom, and it looks fantastic! If you are on the Gold Coast or even just visiting, please do drop in and check it out.

We were ecstatic to meet with Anne Stokes whilst overseas on our recent buying trip and enjoyed discussing our future plans for expanding the range. We are very excited to be working with someone of Anne’s calibre and experience and look forward to continuing the strong relationship between Amica and Anne.


Anne Stokes with Dave Turner owner of Amica Trading Co

Anne Stokes with Dave Turner